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  About us


Paws for the Cause Rescue was founded in September 2017, to help rescue and rehome abandoned, mistreated and stray dogs in Southern Spain. We are all volunteers using our own resources with no funding from any government sources.
We are a Non Profit Association, and we raise funds for our rescue with the aid of our supporters through events both in Spain and the UK, as well as online resources such as auctions and Just Giving.
We rely on foster carers, in both Spain and the UK, who take these disadvantaged dogs into their own homes, and care for them like their own pet, until a forever home can be found. We provide love, advice and veterinary care. Every foster carer receives full support and we are always here to help. Without foster carers, and our supporters, we would not be able to continue the valuable and much needed work we do.
All of our dogs for adoption have been assessed with other dogs, children, and if need be, cats. They are health checked,  fully vaccinated and chipped. If old enough they are neutered.

Homechecks are done for each adoption application, and we will ensure that the dog you like is suitable for your family and lifestyle. We consider each application carefully based on the information provided. Everything will be discussed fully with you, and if you are successful, updates, photos and videos will be sent throughout the entire adoption process. We want each adoption to be happy and successful for both the dog and the adopter, and for their forever home to be just that……for ever.

We are determined to make a difference for all the animals, and as we have no overheads, no shops or premises, and pay no salaries (all services are given free by volunteers), we are able to use every penny donated for the suffering and abandoned animals we rescue.
We are always here to help, and with volunteers in both Spain and the UK we have a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips. Our dogs are our world, and we will provide advice and support for both you and them for the rest of their life.
We work together with Canasta de Oro, and Refugio Canino in Spain, and work as one team to help the animals.
If you can, please help by making a donation today. Every penny and euro received truly does help yet another dog find his golden basket.
Donations can be made via paypal or by bank transfer, or by clicking the Donate button
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Please help support Paws For The Cause Rescue by raising funds via the Easy Fundraising online service. Shopping doesn’t cost you a penny, but as you make purchases online the shops make a donation to Paws for the Cause rescue. All you do is register (it’s good to click the “Find & remind button), support Paws for the Cause Rescue, and start shopping.  

Use easyfundraising to shop with over 3,600 retailers including Amazon, Argos, John Lewis, ASOS,, eBay, Boden, and M&S.

 Every time you shop, you’ll raise a free donation for Paws For The Cause Rescue every time….. it’s that easy!

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 We are over the moon to announce that once again we have been nominated for the Petplan and ADCH Annual Charity Awards 2020.

 This means so much to us, and it is humbling to know that the work our team does is recognised and appreciated by all of you.

 Please keep voting for us, and thank you for all your support




 Working alongside Canasta de Oro and Refugio Canino, we have the opportunity to send 25 dog to their forever homes in Holland in November.

With Brexit coming, and more lockdown, it is imperative that this happens as this may be the only chance some of these dogs have of finding their golden baskets.

Many of them have been without a home for many years, and we need YOUR help to make this happen.

To vaccinate, neuter, do paperwork and transport these dogs, we need to fundraise £5000.

We have already raised £2000 through our fundraising activities in both Spain and the UK, but have over half to go.

PLEASE, if you can help in any way, please click on the DONATE button today, and help us to help them 






















Some of our wonderful team at Paws

Dogs for Adoption


BATMAN is a greyhound crossbreed dog that arrived on June 3, 2020. Batman, like all dogs that have had a family and end up in a shelter, has had a really hard time during his first days here. And when we say really bad, it is really bad. Batman wee’d himself with fear during his first days here.
He is a very young dog that does not understand why he is here, and does not know where the one that, until a few days ago, was its family is. He was used to another life.
Luckily Batman has found a great ally in Drama King and, next to him, it seems that his initial sadness and despair are being left behind. He leans heavily on Drama..
Batman is a dog that gets along well with both people and other dogs and has a look that asks for your help. He is such a handsome and sweet boy, and we hope that he will gradually relax and begin to understand that this is his new life, at least until someone wants to give him a new chance.

DoB 📅: 10.25.2019


Love is a puppy that arrived at the shelter on May 27, 2020 with his brother Tonny. His mother, Podenca, had sneaked into a farm months ago and both were born there. The owner of the farm took care of them during all this time and now they have become part of our great family. Love is a happy, loving and playful puppy who loves to be played with and listened to. He has very expressive eyes that hopefully will help him find a family forever and as soon as possible.

DoB📅: 12.25.2019




This handsome lad is 4 years old, and a gentle soul.
Gets on well with other dogs and loves just spending time with you and having fuss.

Absolutely great with children, and has very good recall.

Freddie cannot live with cats.
Freddie can travel and has his suitcase all packed and vaccinated and neutered.




                                             Adoption Policy

 The adoption process is very much like the ones in the UK.  Once you see a dog or cat you would like to adopt either on our page or website, then click on “apply to adopt” and complete the application form. One of our admin will then have a chat with you to ensure the animal you like is suitable for your home and lifestyle.  Once this has been agreed the next step is to arrange a home check.

We ask for an Adoption Donation of £380.  £180 of this is paid on completion of a successful home check, and is a non refundable deposit.  The balance of £200 must be paid two weeks before the dog or cat travels, unless the transport date is earlier in which case it is payable straight away.

 This covers all vaccinations, blood tests, microchipping, flea and worm treatments, and, if the dog is old enough, neutering. It also covers the cost of transport from Spain to the UK, and transferring the chip into your name.

 Four weeks free insurance from Petplan is also provided for all dogs under the age of 8.

 For adoptions in Scotland, we sometimes ask that the transport is met at the Scottish Borders  so as to prevent the animals from being on board for too long. We will discuss this with you prior to adoption.

 The dog or cat comes with its own passport and all its relevant vaccinations, including rabies. All dogs are tested for common Mediterranean diseases by blood test, and all dogs and pups are given a thorough health check prior to travelling. All vaccination details, worming and flea treatment details etc are all held in the passport for you to take when you register with your own vet. The vaccinations do not need to be renewed for a year, and your vet can advise when worming and flea treatment is next due, as both are done just before travelling. The animal will also be Micro chipped according to E.U law.  If the animal is old enough we will spay or neuter before travel. This will be 8 months old for a female, and 6 months for a dog, but we will advise you. If the animal is not old enough, we ask that they are neutered by the adopter as soon as they are.  

 All of our dogs and pups are health checked and assessed prior to adoption. They are assessed with other dogs, children and can also be cat tested. We never home a dog if we think it is not a good match,  and will discuss everything with you.  We never home fighters or biters.

 Please feel free to ask any questions as we are only too happy to help. We offer support and advice throughout the entire adoption process and afterwards 

 We do not receive any private funding for our rescue and all the money we use for the dogs or cats comes from donations and fund raising both in Spain and the UK . Without your donations we would not be able to carry on with the work we do, so please do give what you can using our donate button above, or by Paypal to




A little about fostering

Where possible, our dogs are placed in ‘foster homes’ whilst they wait to be re-homed. These are people who are prepared to look after a dog in their own home for as long as it takes us to find permanent and loving homes. This could be a matter of days, weeks or even a few months but it gives us a chance to assess the needs of the particular dog e.g. can he/she live with another dog, older children, cats, etc. 

 These wonderful ‘foster homes’ give the dog love, time, training and exercise freely. 

We are always in need of such wonderful people both in Spain and the UK. As with adoption, we also carry out home checks for new foster homes, and we ask you to sign a form indemnifying Paws for the Cause Rescue from any damage that may be caused to the foster home, although in reality, only on a very few occasions has any damage been caused.

Fostering Requirements 

The requirements necessary for ‘fostering’ are given below:

Some experience of taking care of a dog is needed.

Someone at home most of the day as dogs may be insecure if they have lost their homes.

A secure garden.

Have no very young children who may not understand that insecure dogs need their own space and time to adapt.

Most of all you need a love of dogs and patience with their behaviour when it isn’t quite up to scratch. They occasionally need help with house training and learning not to chew etc!

Before we take a dog into our care, he/she is assessed and we do not take in fighters or biters.

Apply to Foster 

Please read the Fostering Requirements. 

If you wish to foster a specific type or size of dog please tell us.



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