When adopting a dog from the Mediterranean basin my advice is have them tested for Leishmania, Erlichia and heart worm. Before adopting be informed on what you could be facing, that does not mean do not adopt, it means don’t let emotions ride you into something you cannot cope with emotionally or financially.

Once tested, if negative repeat test 6 months later or sooner if any symptoms arise, inform your local vet that the dog comes from a leishmania infected area, will make life easier for the vet to reach diagnosis and treatment. If positive then treatment should begin with relative monitoring. All dogs should be treated for standard parasites at point of origin and de wormed again on arrival, parasites have a huge impact on the immune system. Treatment must be custom for the condition the animal is suffering and secondary problems. Leish dogs can be treated successfully but accept the fact that there will be losses, there are so many factors involved that not always we can control the situation as vets and as owners, may sound harsh what I am saying but it’s reality. As more and more animals will be arriving from the med measures will be taken by the profession to improve the knowledge. Now you have to work with what you have, and it’s a lot more than what many do have. I hope this helps a little bit more.