TRACES, or Trade Control and Expert Systems, is a web-based veterinarian certification tool used by the EU for controlling the import and export of live animals and animal products within and without its borders.

Its network falls under the responsibility of the European Commission. Before travelling to the UK Puppies/Dogs will need to be vet checked and wormed and micro chipped, to ensure that they are fit to travel and that they comply with the Pet Passport scheme. They also have to be registered with TRACES. This information is kept online and sent to AHVLA (Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency) so that they are made aware of animals entering the UK.

This is to reduce the risk of spreading disease. As an exporter, Paws for the Cause will have dealt with this and the relevant agencies will have been informed. As an importer,  your local AHVLA office need to be made aware at least 24 hours before your puppy/dog arrives.

We have let the relevant local agencies have the information they need and  have dealt with them on your behalf.

Because your puppy/dog is classed as an import and therefore has to comply with AHVLA regulations, it will be necessary to keep your puppy/dog within the home environment for the first 48 hours after arrival, this is for their welfare and to minimise the risk of disease, if any, entering the UK.

This is merely a precaution and as your puppy/dog will have had all inoculations and a full health check before leaving Spain nothing to be concerned about.  You may receive a visit from your local AHVLA office, this is just to check that the puppy/dog is OK after its travel and to check that all the the relevant paperwork is correct.

We hope this information is helpful, but if you have any queries please ask.